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Our Villa

Our villa is situated in the superb Chianti Shire nature. In the past this was where our farmers were producing oil and wine for our family now has become a sophisticated residential house which has been recently completely renovated.

 fotoOur villa is located at an equal distance between Firenze, Siena and Arezzo, also nearby (20 km) there is the large Outlet The Mall

The ideal stay for whom wants to visit Tuscany and enjoy its beautiful  artistic heritage and at the same time find a very relaxing place to rest for late afternoons and peaceful  nights. The villa is situated in a property which is 17 hectare  wide, surrounded by fruit trees, olive trees and  beautiful flowers of different species. IMG_2706

A total privacy is absolutely guaranteed considering that the villa is just in the middle of the property and deep in the green of the nature.

Inside the villa there is the flat of the 90 square meters which is on the first floor and is finely furbished, composed of: two double bedrooms – the white one – and the pink one, living rooms, dining room with fire place and kitchen, bathroom with shower. All the flat has been kept with its own traditional wooden beam on the ceiling, light pastel colours, white colours of the walls and earthenware tile floors.

The centuries-old forest, which surrounds the villa, makes it a very restful place and very unique, for whom that love peace and a quiet atmosphere.



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